Do something different.

Americans are unaccustomed to and uncomfortable with engaging across racial lines. Let’s change that.

The World Needs Unity

WorkingUNDIVIDED is on a mission to move people from avoidance into relationships that close racial divides.

The WorkingUNDIVIDED platform catalyzes participants to pursue solidarity and systemic equity.

Key Differentiators

Digitized Option

Platform allows for in-person or distance participation

Leadership Training

Unlike a ‘book club’ leaders are trained to expertly guide the experience

Compelling Content

Creatively designed to engage the head, heart and hands

Hub Model

The movement spreads through connected scalability

Measurable Results

Pre and post surveys through our partnership with the SNF Agora Institute at Johns-Hopkins University

Mobilization Onramps

Encouragement to join the “army of reconcilers” as active change-agents

Strong Movements Have Strong Leadership

Chuck Mingo
In 2014, during a spike of the racial tension in America, Chuck Mingo heard a calling to unite Cincinnati and beyond. The UNDIVIDED movement was born, and has since been reapplied in churches across the nation, internationally in South Africa, and even in prison ministries. In response to strong demand from corporations using the WorkingUNDIVIDED content, the time is now to pursue the launch of a 501c3 to multiply the impact.
For over a decade, Chuck has been a pastor at one of the nation’s largest churches. Prior to becoming a pastor, he spent nine years at Procter & Gamble.

Chuck is a motivating leader who is passionate about moving people from avoidance and into relationship.

Racial segregation in U.S. workplaces is greater today than it was in the ’70s, according to new research by sociologists from Stanford University and Harvard Business School.

More than 40% of the people we polled had never even invited someone from another race inside their home.

Let's Solve This

Let the Numbers Speak

(Source: SHRM)

For every 1 percent increase in gender and ethnic diversity, sales revenue increases by 3 percent and 9 percent, respectively.

Gender Diversity
1 %
Yields Increased
Sales Revenue
3 %
Racial Diversity
1 %
Yields Increased
Sales Revenue
9 %
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